Crisis of migrants: repeal Schengen to create real European borders!

Mar 10 2018

The Schengen Treaty allows Europeans to move freely within the EU. It’s a huge benefit.
Nevertheless the system has a major shortcoming. Nothing is done at European level for the protection of our borders.

Europe’s borders do not exist

This is a serious problem. The increasingly waves of migration that is sweeping across our continent demonstrate a very simple fact: Europe’s borders do not exist.

Internal European borders have been dismantled, without establishing the necessary protective walls with the neighbouring countries: the Maghreb, the Balkans, Turkey, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus…

However Frontex (renamed “European Agency of Border Guards and Coast Guard”) carries out certain operations: risk analysis, monitoring, coordination of assistance missions in the Mediterranean… But this agency has neither the material nor the financial means to carry out this task, which can only be carried out by a higher institutional power.

The impossible surveillance of our southern borders

On the other hand, the southern and eastern European countries – some of them on the brink of financial asphyxiation – bear the burden of border surveillance alone. They obviously do not have the capacity to ensure the integrity of Schengen area.

Faced with the imminent migratory peril, we can no longer content ourselves with simply trying to solve a few hot spots here and there: Calais, Lampedusa, Lesbos… It is urgent and vital for Europeans to put in place an ambitious and comprehensive border plan.

A three points border plan

EFP proposes three main steps:

  • Create a European corps of border guards and customs officers capable of effectively protecting our external borders,
  • Set up a single IT system for controlling entry into European territory.
  • Have this new institution financed entirely by the EU.

States wishing to enter into this arrangement will have to accept its full guardianship.


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