Debate: “Europe, a new political framework for the regions”

Aug 06 2018

We invite you to a conference on Saturday 22 September and Sunday 23 September 2018 in Avignon – France – on the theme: “Europe, a new political framework for the regions”.

All the details of this event will be communicated to you as soon as possible.


Recent events, such as the independence movements in Scotland and Catalonia, illustrate – in some countries – the strength of the regional level.

Communities play a major political role in the functioning of some EU states (Germany, United Kingdom) in others, they have a more modest influence.

But it is a fact that local and regional authorities are now important drivers of European integration. They invest large amounts of public money and increasingly cooperate horizontally with other European regions.

With quality speakers (complete list to come), we will address during this European Citizen’s Convention the following points:
– European local authorities: relays for European democracy and fairer representation of citizens’ interests?
– Europe, an opportunity for regional cultures and languages?
– Europe, a new political space for the Independence Regions?

We will be delighted to welcome you to discuss this theme.


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