European Federalist Party to demand an ‘European FBI’

Mar 26 2016

After Islamist attacks that have bloodied Brussels, Paris, Copenhagen, London, Madrid and other European cities, it is urgent to set up an European police department and counter-terrorism intelligence.

The National Intelligence has demonstrated its inability to fight against terrorism that is bloodying for over 10 years our continent.

While the criminal networks enjoy full freedom of movement within the Schengen area, national police forces cannot act beyond the limits of their own state.

As far as the intelligence services of the European states are concerned, they do not share information and are regularly failing to prevent attacks

From another hand, the European Federalist Party condemns the hypocrisy of some European leaders who regularly offer such federalist type of measures but which – once the fallout emotion – quickly forget to put them in place.

The European Federalist Party, meanwhile, will support the creation of a European FBI – extent desired by our citizens – in the French presidential and legislative elections in 2017.


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