Go for the 2024 European elections!

Dec 03 2023

European elections are less than four months away. We want to update you on how we prepare for this campaign.

Our message

The European Union didn’t keep the promises of its Founding Fathers. “We do not unite States, we unite People”, they said. Nothing could be more incorrect. The EU has never been more isolated from its citizens.

Honestly, in Brussels, who sets the agenda and guides political decisions? Is it financial institutions, foreign states (USA, Qatar, etc.), industrial lobbies or immigration NGOs… it is certainly not citizens.

Yet European decisions have a lasting impact on our everyday lives.

Establishing a sovereign and democratic representation as well as defending the interests of the People of Europe in Brussels will be our main objectives.

Furthermore, Brussels increasingly interferes in areas it should not (family law, media freedom, beliefs, etc.). We say enough is enough!

The Federalists want Europe to limit its competencies to border control, diplomacy, defence, economic treaties and the euro. Nothing more.

Besides, we believe that each of the 27 EU Member States must retain their specific characteristics. This is the message we will express loud and clear throughout this campaign.

Our ambitions

We aim to back candidates in as many EU countries as possible. We want to form a political group at the European Parliament and officially become a party at the European level.

Our wish is to elect representatives in multiple European countries.

Nothing will happen without you

You can play a part in this campaign. We need your help and your support!

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