Local elections in Belgium, thank you to our voters

Oct 23 2018

#Belgium The European Federalist Party supported 5 lists in the Belgian local elections held on Sunday 14 October.
Thank you to the more than 700 voters who have given their trust for our “Citizen of Europe” lists led by Mariapaola Cherchi. Thanks also to the citizens who, with their signature and support, allowed us to deposit our lists in Brussels, Molenbeek, Uccle, Koekelberg and Schaerbeek.
In this campaign, we affirmed the value of our role as citizens and actors in our society. We simply wanted to give a voice to citizens who today feel deprived of their power of action in a society where land management is monopolized by professional politicians.
We draw a positive conclusion from this magnificent experience and we are proud to have had the courage to go down to the streets to meet the citizens, even with modest means.
With regard to our future, we believe in the validity of our political vision, which is innovative and concrete. Just as we will continue this path and our action will continue on Belgian territory during the next regional elections in 2019.
Join us for this next election campaign, together we will be stronger!


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