Posted workers, a bad deal for western european citizens

Mar 10 2018

EU labour ministers met on 13 October 2017 to revise the posting directive.

Progress on this measure, which catalyzes hatred against Europe, has been virtually non-existent. The maximum duration of the contracts has been limited to 12 months, whereas their average duration is actually only three months! Problematic sectors of activity, such as road transport, were simply excluded from the negotiations.

The posted workers directive, a win-win measure? It’s a fake!

According to the Brussels technocrats and their representatives in the Member States, this directive would be beneficial for everyone. For Eastern countries: Poland, Romania, Bulgaria… but also beneficial for Western countries.

For example, it is true that  France is posting 139,000 workers, but of these 139,000 workers, many are French posted… in France.

The Directive makes it possible – by domiciliating French workers in another State – to have them work in France by circumventing French social legislation. The result is a loss of earnings for the most advanced European social systems.

The directive is socially an unfair measure.

If you’re a high-wage worker, no problem. The directive allows you to enjoy good mobility and the best jobs throughout Europe. For example, posted workers sent from France are mainly managers who hold well-paying positions in Belgium, Germany or the United Kingdom in services and finance.

On the other hand, if you are an unskilled worker in France, Germany or Belgium, you will be the ones to suffer. Because in areas such as construction, transport or industry, you are competing in your own country with low-cost workers from Eastern European countries.

Two solutions: restricting the scope of the directive or simply deleting it altogether

For the Federalists, a solution would be to reduce the scope of the posted workers directive to a group of homogeneous countries. Today, it is unthinkable that the economic and social catching-up of Eastern European countries should be swiftly achieved. This unjust system will therefore continue for a long time to come, as social differences will not soon fade away. Unfortunately, therefore, social dumping has a bright future ahead of it.

Finally, the last solution is to abolish the directive. But that would be a bit expensive, the mistake of the 2004 enlargement, which, by integrating the Eastern European countries into the EU, wiped out all the beneficial effects of this directive.


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