Hélène Feo – Vice President, Spokesperson

A former student of Hypokhâgne and Sciences Po Bordeaux, Hélène Feo obtained the Diploma of the European Communities from the Panthéon-Sorbonne University. Today, it carries out missions within the leading French advertising group.

Hélène Féo is an early federalist activist. It is actively campaigning for a political and not only economic construction of Europe, but also for a strengthening of the role of the Regions. Hélène Feo is from Lorraine. She was born on April 12,1965 to a Polish mother and a French-Spanish father.

After a visit to the European Parliament as press officer, she became Editor-in-Chief of the Parliamentary Primer. It thus creates the first section in France devoted to the European institutions in a book for all French politicians. She then moved with her family to the Paris area.

On the occasion of the debate on the 2005 European Constitutional Treaty, it will campaign resolutely for a "yes" vote. As a specialist in European law, she will also give public lectures and debates. It regrets that the media have not fully played their role in popularising the Treaty." We are still clichés about Europe and our neighbours ".