Yves Gernigon – President

53 years old, born in Brittany, France, he has been living in Lille for almost 40 years. Yves Gernigon works in Paris, Lille and Brussels.
He has dual training. A graduate of a graphic arts school, he is also a graduate of Sciences Po Paris. Yves Gernigon was also trained at the École Nationale d’Administration (ENA), where he was able to familiarize himself with economics, law, social and European issues.

After several experiences as employee, he is now a business manager. Yves Gernigon has been head of an institutional and financial communications agency for the past fifteen years, which supports companies and administrations.

With regard to public affairs, Yves Gernigon is very attached to the values of probity and transparency and does not imagine that these values could be absent from a political course. Likewise, it works for a better distribution of wealth on French territory and more solidarity between regions.