The BREXIT is to put an end to the EU : time to bring forth the European Federation

Jun 24 2016

The message sent by the British is unambiguous: the problem is the technocratic and undemocratic European Union.

As many European peoples would do if they were consulted, the British chose to leave the EU.

For the European Federalist Party, the message is clear: Europeans massively reject a wobbly union of 28 heterogeneous states, non-democratic institutions, wild and uncontrolled economic and social competition, an unbearable technocracy, lobbies omnipresent in Brussels…

The federalists want to defeat all this and thoroughly reform the institutions. We propose the establishment of three zones in Europe:

• a Federal Union made up of about ten states – notably the founding countries – whose government will exercise 5 competences (budget, diplomacy, defence, border, currency) under the control of a parliament.

• an economic union along the lines of the current EU

• a free trade union along the lines of the European Economic Area (EEA)

It is high time to build a federal Europe that will finally be democratic and social!


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