The EFP condemns Barroso’s hiring by Goldman Sachs and asks the creation of a European Government

Jul 13 2016

Like a child caught up in the jar of jam, José Manuel Barroso was hired by the Goldman Sachs bank as a Brexit advisor. This recruitment, which is legal and regular, is politically revealing what has become of the Commission: immoral and unethical.

This appointed – and not elected – group leads Europe without ever having submitted a political project by popular vote. What journalists have called the “Barroso case” shows that this dispensary takes its decisions under pressure from financial lobbies and has close links with them.

European political decision-making is thus the subject of a double failure to respect the founding values of the European Union: democracy and res publica (political decisions taken on behalf of the people).

The European Federalist Party is campaigning for the disappearance of the Commission and the election by direct universal suffrage of a Presidency of the European Union. We also want to set up a government of the Union that comes from a political majority elected by the people in the European elections.

We recall that the Goldman Sachs bank has distinguished itself in recent years during the 2008 financial crisis and especially in the make-up of Greek public accounts.

We ask a question: where is Mr. Juncker? What is the Commission President’s current vision of the “Barroso case”? This uncomfortable silence from Brussels shows how much more inclined the Commission is to take decisions of convenience than to take responsibility.

The Commission is afraid of the people in its sovereign dimension. It is afraid of the people in its human dimension. An institution that is afraid of the people must disappear.

The European Federalist Party is no longer giving any credit to this team whose collusion with the world of financial lobbies is no longer a secret.


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