The European Federalist Party to present candidates in the 2024 European elections

Aug 08 2023
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The EFP will defend a federal Europe of peoples and regions against the Europe of Maastricht. The next European elections will take place from 6 to 9 June 2024. French voters will send 79 representatives to the European Parliament.

The European Federalist Party will participate in this election and present a list of candidates for France. As a transnational party, it will also present lists in other European countries.

The themes of the campaign will focus on competencies that Federalists want Europe to exercise: border management, diplomacy and defence.

On the other hand, we will warn against the excesses of the European Union:

– lack of democracy,

– the harmful influence of lobbies and Non-EU countries,

– powers exercised by the Commission beyond its remit

– “government by the judiciary” imposed by the magistrates of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), especially on societal issues (family, justice, individual rights, freedom of information, etc).

We believe that today’s EU is akin to a Roman-style imperial system. It is not a liberal democracy. It tramples the sovereignty of European nations. The globalist and woke drift of EU policies threatens our national identities, our cultures, our Christian roots, our Greco-Latin heritage and that of the Enlightenment.

This new campaign from the European Federalist Party will address the many challenges we must face together:

– to ensure the effectiveness of our borders in the face of the African and Asian migratory waves,

– to overcome the EU’s technological backwardness,

– to free Europeans from the American tutelage that is dragging us into aggressive escalations with unpredictable military consequences.

Without a strong and sovereign Europe – based on a Constitution adopted by the people – we will not be able to defend our civilisation, our social model and our ecological commitments.

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