Trump on the Paris Agreement / Europe is to take leadership

May 28 2017

The EFP condemns the decision of US President Donald Trump to remove the USA – the world’s second largest polluter – from the Paris agreement on the fight against global warming. If the United States does not meet its commitments, the country could be responsible for a rise of 0.3°C, on the global rise of 2 to 3°C that is looming at the end of the century.

Global warming, a global challenge

Today, diplomacy is more than ever the cornerstone of safeguarding our planet. Without it, the implementation of common global goals will not be possible.

For if we know how to carry out educational and preventive actions, if we know how to take local measures to safeguard nature and animal diversity, if we know how to produce clean energy, on the other hand we do not know how to carry out concerted actions on a global scale. The issue of global warming is being addressed at this scale.

This is a major challenge ahead of us.

The Federalists therefore call on Europe to urgently take global leadership to give effect to the commitments signed at COP 21.

Europe must be the guarantor of this protocol, which has already been signed by 195 countries and which is of vital importance for the future of humanity.


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