Yves Gernigon: ‘Regarding the Berlin Attacks, the far right has gave in to terrorists’

Dec 23 2016

Anis Amri, the alleged perpetrator of the attack on the Berlin Christmas market, an illegal migrant, was able to move unhindered across Europe once his crime had been committed.

After his stay in Germany, the terrorist was able to take, according to reliable sources, a train in France to Italy, where he was shot dead by the security forces in Milan.

On the basis of these facts, the far-right capitulates in the countryside by proposing to return to our 60 year old freedom of movement in Europe. One of the leaders, Marine Le Pen thus proposes to return to the frontiers of the 19th century.

This measure would prevent honest citizens from moving between two European states overnight. Between Belgium and France or between France and Spain, Italy or Germany. My position is the other way around.

We must leave nothing to terrorists. We will never kneel before them and sell them our freedoms.

My proposal is simple: repeal the Schengen agreements in order to create a genuine area of security. An area regulated by a European border police and a European FBI capable of tracking terrorists all over Europe and fighting illegal migrants.


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