2024, the year of dangers and hopes

Jan 10 2024

Dear friends,

At the beginning of this year, I would like to wish you happiness, success and prosperity for each of you and for your relatives.

2024 promises to be difficult. 
We can no longer ignore the dangers jeopardizing our continent and our civilisation. The domination of the USA over Europe and the new alliances in Eurasia (Russia, China, etc.) are threatening our societies, both economically and politically.

In Africa and the Middle East, demographics and political Islam set up cultural and security menaces to our continent.

Climate change is accentuating and undermining the planet’s balance.

Half of the world’s population will vote this year – in particular US citizens – that could lead to major geopolitical changes.

Unfortunately, the right/left coalitions in power in Europe are far from up to this challenges.Indeed, they are unable to define a clear and effective political strategy. This inertia is pushing our societies into an ever more worrying decline and encouraging growing inequality.

On the other hand, leftist and woke political parties want to get rid of European civilisation. 
With immigrationism and cancel culture, they want Europe to be open to mass migration and culturally subjected to the ideologies of American universities.

We must rise up with determination to oppose this declinist and suicidal program. And we will succeed because we propose an optimistic and positive vision of our European civilisation and national cultures.

However, unlike the Europhobes, we believe in European solutions democratically voted by the citizens.

However, EFP does not back the EU administration, that is now roughly act like an imperial system.
EU is now an omnipotent power that crushes peoples under technocratic measures and imposes policies that are not its responsibility: beliefs, family rights, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, etc.

EFP wants a Europe that manages only a few competences.
The most urgent policy is the establishment of external European borders to block the uncontrolled influx of migrants. Building a European corps of border guards will be our first proposal.

The Federalists will also promote other measures: European defense, diplomacy, security, and greater citizen participation in political decision-making.

This task is huge but not impossible.
Nothing is lost. In our European societies, solidarity and commitment are always present: among healthcare staff, emergency and protection services, local representatives, entrepreneurs, associations and employees.

Our fellow citizens have a heart and show great resilience and courage.

As supporters or citizens, we must remain mobilized and take concrete action to protect the common good for ourselves, our elders and, of course, future generations.

We will have the opportunity to do that during the European elections. I have no doubt that we will rise to the challenge.

I’m counting on you to give the best, and to commit to protecting and working for our fellow citizens and our civilisation. They worth it.

Happy 2024 to you all!

Yves Gernigon
President of the European Federalist Party

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